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What’s next for Jordan Axani, Elizabeth Gallagher after ‘wild’ trip around the world?


Watch the video above to find out which cities Jordan Axani and Elizabeth Gallagher said were their favourite, if they were ever recognized, and what it was like having journalists meet them in cities along the way.

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TORONTO – It sounds like the premise of the next Ryan Gosling/Jennifer Lawrence romcom: Couple has two tickets for a romantic trip around the world, then couple breaks up. Guy looks for girl with the same name as his ex-girlfriend so she can use the plane ticket, finds her on the Internet, then the new pair go on the trip of a lifetime and come back…in love? The story of Toronto’s Jordan Axani and Nova Scotia’s Elizabeth “Quinn” Gallagher has all of the above, except the Hollywood-style ending everyone who’s followed their story was hoping for.

Everyone except Gallagher’s boyfriend, that is.

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“There’s no romantic connection at all,” Axani told Global’s The Morning Show on Tuesday, the day after the pair returned from their trip. “We have a cool, more brother-sister relationship now which is probably the best outcome that could’ve come from this thing.”

Gallagher agreed it was “better” they were strangers at the outset of a three-week trip: “We didn’t have a relationship to break,” she said, as they both laughed.

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“He [Axani] was thrilled that I had a boyfriend–that actually worked out really well,” said Gallagher.

“My family and my boyfriend–they all know how much I like to travel, so it was hard for anyone to say, ‘No you can’t go.’”

Aside from hinting at the possibility of a movie version of their ordeal on the horizon, Axani seemed most excited about a charity he created about a month ago called A Ticket Forward. The American-based charity aims to send people who are “deserving” on their dream trip.

You can find out more about A Ticket Forward here

“We work specifically with survivors of cancer, abuse and warfare, veterans and displaced persons,” he said. “We’re about to launch a large sweepstakes tomorrow called ‘The World Awaits’ which is all about getting people behind, and with us in order to fundraise and help these incredible people on the trip of a lifetime.”

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