WATCH: Couple arrested after video of baby with gun surfaces

WATCH ABOVE: Police in Evansville, Indiana released cellphone video of a 12-month-old boy playing with a .40 calibre handgun. Police have arrested the child’s mother and a 19-year-old man.

TORONTO – The Evansville, Indiana police department has released shocking cellphone video of a 12-month-old boy playing with a gun – and even putting it in his mouth.

Authorities discovered the video during a follow up investigation into 19-year-old Michael Barnes who had been caught trying to sell a firearm to an undercover officer. He also had an active warrant for armed robbery.

In the video, it’s alleged that Barnes’ voice can be heard asking the child to say “Pow” multiple times. At no point does anyone try to stop the child.

According to police, the .40 calibre handgun in the video appears to be the same gun Barnes was caught trying to sell.

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Two arrested after baby with gun video surfaces
Michael Barnes is facing multiple charges after being caught attempting to sell a handgun to an undercover officer. NBC / Evansville Police Department
Two arrested after baby with gun video surfaces
Tori Wilson, 22, originally denied any knowledge of the handgun seen in the video. She later claimed it was a "pellet gun". NBC / Evansville Police Department

Investigators have also determined that the child’s mother, 22-year-old Tori Wilson, was present when the video was recorded. Wilson initially denied any knowledge of the gun and later claimed it was a “pellet gun”.

Police have arrested the mother for Child Neglect, Criminal Recklessness with a Deadly Weapon, and Allowing a Child to Possess a Firearm.

Barnes faces the same charges as well as Resisting Law Enforcement with a Weapon, Carrying a Handgun without a Permit, and Carrying a Handgun without a Permit within 500 Feet of a School.

The 12-month-old boy, and two one-month-old twins that Barnes fathered with Wilson, have been placed into emergency care. Barnes is not the father of the child in the video.