No Pants SkyTrain Ride 2015 amuses and confuses

If you happened to be riding the SkyTrain Sunday afternoon and noticed people slipping off their pants, rest easy – it was happening around the world.

Today marked the No Pants SkyTrain Ride, part of a global movement dedicated to pants-free transit use.

PHOTOS: Scenes from the No Pants SkyTrain Ride 2015

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In rapid transit stations across the world, the idea is to keep a straight face and act as though it’s perfectly normal to be riding the train sans trousers.

What is the point of the No Pants SkyTrain ride? No one really knows. Organizers say there is no real goal other than some pointless fun.

“It’s a celebration of silliness,” says organizer Larry Piche, who adds the No Pants Ride is a family-friendly event. “There’s no real reason, just come out and play.”

Festivities kicked off at the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station at 2:30 p.m. Hundreds packed the station, forcing transit security to slow their pace into the various cars so fully-clothed passengers could get on and off without any inconvenience.

WATCH: Geoff Hastings talks to Larry Piche about why people on the SkyTrain may notice passengers without pants