Victoria mom selling home to fund son’s budding career as violinist

WATCH:  A Victoria mother is making a huge sacrifice to allow her son to pursue his musical dream. Kylie Stanton reports.

A Victoria mom is selling her home to help her son, a promising violinist, pursue his dream.

Fifteen-year-old Ryan Howland has been playing the violin for a decade and is now competing at the international level, heading to Switzerland this month for the prestigious Boris Goldstein Competition.

“For the future, I hope to be a concert violinist,” says Howland. “You really want to put as much time into it as possible.”

Mother Michelle Yen-Howland, herself a former piano teacher, is selling her Victoria home to help support her son’s studies.

“The younger generation’s future is more important than having a house,” says Yen-Howland.

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The sale of the house will also help fund the studies of Ryan’s 18-year-old brother Ian, who is studying film animation in Paris. Ian feels confident that he can pay his mother back once he finishes school.

As for Yen-Howland, she plans on moving into a smaller apartment once the house is sold.

“I can live by myself and see all the success they have,” she says.

“I want to do it because they are my sons,” she adds. “They are everything to me.”

-with files from Kylie Stanton

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