HMCS Preserver damaged in Halifax harbour

There has been a serious accident involving HMCS Preserver while it was in Halifax harbour.

HMCS Preserver, a 41-yr-old supply ship, crashed into the floating dry-dock at the Irving-owned shipyard.

The Preserver was conducting sea trials, preparing to go back into service, after a $45 million refit.

A navy spokesman says there are no reported injuries, although there is damage to the shipyard dock. There is now a hole in that dock and the hull of the Preserver is dented, apparently above the water line.

“It seems to be in the upper area of the ship,” says Major Paul Doucet of the Royal Canadian Navy, “an investigation will determine the damage to it, to the bow. But, at this point, it’s too early to determine the extent of the damage.”

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No one was seriously injured.

Irving, the owners of the Halifax shipyard, consider the damage minor but can’t say how much it will cost to repair or how long the repairs will take.

The Preserver is the navy’s only supply ship on the east coast.