Missing hiker stranded in Golden Ears Park for more than a week

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VANCOUVER – A hiker has been reunited with his family after going missing more than a week ago.

Richard Laing from Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue says the 23-year-old man left his home on Dec. 10 to go on a hike and was last seen entering Golden Ears on Dec. 11.

Search and Rescue crews were called in on Sunday, Dec. 21, and found some evidence the man had been camping in the park. Laing says they then flew a team up to Panorama Ridge and made voice contact with the hiker within the hour. He had spent about week in the emergency shelter on the mountain. Laing says he did have some food with him but had not been able to make or start a fire, so was reduced to eating raw eggs.

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The team were unable to fly out on Sunday night so they were forced to spend a chilly night in the shelter.

Credit: Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue.
Credit: Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue.

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