Manitoba’s fight against bed bugs

They crawled into an MTS office in Fort Rouge this week, and crept into the men’s locker room of Granny’s Poultry in Transcona, last month.  

“We took all the lockers out and we took all the steps neccessary to eradicate the problem which has been resolved for over a month now,” said Craig Evans of Granny’s Poultry.  

Bed bugs are becoming more common in Manitoba.  

After learning pest control companies were flying in dogs to sniff out the creepy crawlies because there were no local animals who could do the same, Valerie Arpin took a trip to Florida to have her dog Patches trained.  

“There isn’t anyone in this city, that doesn’t know someone who hasn’t been affected by the bugs, they are everywhere,” said Arpin. 

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Since the problem is so widespread, Manitoba launched a bed bug strategy this past spring. 

The strategy encourages residents to buy mattress and box spring covers, go online and report bed bug sightings, and to be vigilant. 

Three to four times a week Manitoba Housing units use heat as their main weapon to combat the bed bugs. 

A static heat container receives contaminated household belongings. The items are heated to 140-degrees, killing the bedbugs.   

Every 45 days the Manitoba Housing pest control team visit suites that have had problems before. Dave Funk of Manitoba Housing says they’ve been able to reduce bed bug populations, but because more people are looking more calls are coming in. 

“In a perfect world, we will get rid of bed bugs, but it’s probably not realistic. I think we can get them down to a more manageable level,” said Funk. 


Bed bug complaints, by building type

Apartment280 complaints
Licensed Rooming House94 complaints
Single Family Dwelling55 complaints
Duplex42 complaints
Row Housing38 complaints
Large Residential Multi-Use 36 complaints
Personal Care Facility22 complaints
Hotel18 complaints
Triplex/Fourplex 7 complaints
Side By Side 6 complaints
Apartment, Row Housing4 complaints
Commercial Multi-Use 4 complaints
Group/Care Home 4 complaints
Institutional Multi-Use 3 complaints
Commercial 3 complaints
Commercial/Residential 3 complaints
Rooming/Board House 3 complaints
Warehouse Building 3 complaints
Day Care Facility 2 complaints
Institutional 2 complaints
Industrial Multi-Use 2 complaints
Library 1 complaint
Theatre/Cinema 1 complaint
Surface Parking Lot 1 complaint
Government Office 1 complaint
Office 1 complaint
Office Multi-Use 1 complaint
Public Utility Building 1 complaint
Commercial Multi Tenant 1 complaint
Small Residential Multi-Use 1 complaint
School 1 complaint
Shopping Centre 1 complaint
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