Happy Jesusween!

CALGARY – Trick or’ treaters are anxious to fill their bags with all kinds of candy next Monday.

But one Calgary group wants to add on a little something extra with the sweets.

A Calgary religious group is swapping the good book for gumdrops; the ‘Jesusween’ initiative encourages homes to hand out bibles as well as chocolate bars.

“Now Christians don’t have to be timid or be quiet or hide on that night. They can spread the word of god!” says Pastor Tim of the Gateway International Church.

The group says it’s their way of reclaiming All Hallows Eve.

“We give it out in addition to candy. Jesusween is not against candy or trying to hijack Halloween. Jesusween is about giving something more positive instead of all the gory images,” says Tim.

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Jesusween officially began in Calgary in 2002 and has spread to church groups worldwide. Their Facebook site has over 3,000 followers.

However, not everyone’s a fan. “I’m an atheist. I would just say no thank you. I would be polite but I don’t think I would like someone forcing a bible on us,” says one Calgarian Global News spoke with.

Another Calgarian suggested handing out items for donation would be more Christian than giving out bibles.

As for Pastor Tim, resistance isn’t dampening his Jesusween spirit; he recommends handing out pocket sized bibles because full sized books may be a little too bulky for kids treat bags.

Jesusween also recommends trick ‘or treaters wear white shirts to protest against the gory outfits that are usually associated with the holiday.  

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