Will BC Ferries, Translink, lower fares now that gas prices are lower in Metro Vancouver?

WATCH ABOVE: The price of oil and gas is dropping, but if or when will BC Ferries and airlines drop their prices? Rumina Daya has more.

VANCOUVER – Prices at the gasoline pump in Metro Vancouver have dropped to some of the lowest points seen in years, but consumers are starting to wonder when that will translate into other areas of transportation.

Gas is not cheap across B.C. however, some areas outside of Metro Vancouver are reporting as high as 128.9 in Kelowna and 137.9 in Revelstoke, for example.

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In recent years, airlines, BC Ferries and Translink have all blamed fare hikes and levies on the high price of fuel.

BC Ferries says it does expect fuel surcharges to drop some time next year, but other companies say they can’t make changes yet, especially since the plummeting loonie also affects their cost of doing business.


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