Fire breaks out at Balzac RV Business

CALGARY – Fire crews rushed to the scene of a large fire in Balzac on Thursday.

The blaze broke out just before 1 a.m. at Rangeland RV and Trailer Sales, located along Balzac Boulevard.

When firefighters arrived, they found smoke and flames pouring from the building.

Crews from several surrounding areas were called in to help fight the fire, which did have the potential to be quite dangerous.

“With it being a service area and a workshop, there’s going to be propane in there, and there’s going to be people’s RVs in there with propane cylinders,” says Gary Barnett with Rocky View County Fire Services. “So a lot of [potential] explosions, a lot of large hazards.”

Getting water to the site was an issue.

Trucks were sent on a constant cycle to pickup water, dump it in a holding tank and then go back out to fill up again.

No one was on scene when the fire started, and no injuries have been reported.

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Officials say the fire is not considered suspicious.

The building was metal framed and clad, and there is concern that heat has damaged the integrity of the supports in the remaining structure.

A professional engineer will be evaluating the building to determine if it is a total loss.

There were numerous recreation vehicles in the showroom and service area, and dollar-value loss is expected to be high.