WATCH: Man pops out of subway hatch, smoke-bombs busy restaurant

TORONTO – A New York subway hatch opened slowly, a young man crawled out, and tossed a pinkish-red smoke bomb into a busy restaurant before rushing back down the hatch. All this happened as wait staff continued to serve at the West Village’s Bar Pitti on Friday.

Actress Rose McGowan was on the scene, and tweeted about the incident:

While there were no reports of injuries, New York City Police released the surveillance video in the hopes of learning more information about the man–thought to be wearing a shirt with an American flag pattern.

Police said patrons at the restaurant were shaken by the commercial pyrotechnic smoke generator–a device stronger and more smoky than typical such bombs.

They are reportedly searching for a “white male approximately 20 years old with blond wavy hair,” seen in the video above.


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