WATCH: Historic balloon bomb discovered in the Monashee Mountains

MONASHEE MOUNTAINS – A military bomb disposal team was called in to deal with a World War Two era Japanese balloon bomb that was discovered in the Monashee Mountains this week.

“In the Second World War they launched about nine thousand of these bombs, incendiary bombs, attached to balloons and sent them across the jet stream trying to attack the west coast of North America,” explains Leading Seaman Cole Wood.

Police say foresters came across the device.

“There are two large aluminum rings,” says Cpl. Henry Proce with the Lumby RCMP. “Then the bomb itself was pointy end into the ground, the fins were sticking out.”

Proce is hoping the aluminum rings will eventually end up in the Lumby Museum.

However, before that can happen, Proce say the aluminum rings have to go home with the military team so the rings can be checked out.

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“To make sure they are inert because the interior of the rings are lined with blasting caps. They look like they’ve all detonated but they want to make sure,” says Proce.