Canada’s Pulse: more than half of Montrealers would consider Legault led party

Canada’s Pulse: more than half of Montrealers would consider Legault led party - image

He’s the man without party, but according to an exclusive Global News/Ipsos survey, Montrealers are willing to listen to what Francois Legault has to say.

More than half (51%) of you would consider supporting a new right of centre party headed by Legault. Another 13% definitely would support it.

Francois Legault has been touring the province in recent weeks to pitch his vision of Quebec’s future. Before this, the former PQ cabinet minister quit politics after being fed up with the lack of progress in the province. Now he believes he’s the one to lead Quebec back into prosperity.

“It’s about time that we put all our best players on the same team and we try to work on education, health care, economy, the most important priorities in Quebec,” he tells Global News.

Legault understands many Montrealers still see him as a member of the seperatist Parti Quebecois, that’s why he now brushes aside any hints of another referendum.

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“I don’t want to work on that for the rest of my career,” he says, “I’m 54 years old, I think it’s about time that we stop being divided between sovereigntists and federalists.”

Legault would steal votes from Pauline Marois and his old party but Jean Charest could also suffer. There is a growing fatigue with the Liberals who have been in power for 8 years.

Still, some worry that Legault’s conservative ideas and sudden rise could mirror the ADQ.

“There is kind of a Quebec political culture which has to do with being more collective, being more concerned about the overall welfare of the population and about language and culture,” says political analyst Anne Lagace Dowson, “I’m not sure. We need to hear more from him.”

With files from Mike Lecouteur

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