Legislature speaker Linda Reid’s spending under investigation once again

TheĀ  RCMP investigation into the spending habits of the speaker of the B.C. Legislature is under the microscope.

The original investigation determined that a $79,000 upgrade to Linda Reid’s Richmond constituency office didn’t break any laws, but that original RCMP investigation is now under investigation by Ontario Provincial Police.

Global News went to the Richmond constituency office of MLA and House Speaker Linda Reid today to try and find out more about the spending on security renovations, but we were told she didn’t want to comment.

The new security measures include security cameras, alarms, and a concrete bench outside to stop any vehicles from careening into the office windows.

They were part of a security upgrade following the failed plot to bomb the B.C. Legislature on Canada Day 2013.

Many of the details about the spending have been reported by the Vancouver Sun newspaper, gathered through Freedom of Information requests.

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Ontario police say it’s important to have a second look at the RCMP investigation.

“What’s very important to recognize is the policing profession needs to have a second set of eyes to review and look into matters and then report back to the originating police agency with any findings they may have had,” says Sergeant Peter Leon of the OPP.

“Linda works not just for the Liberals but also for the House. And so it will be the members of the Legislature that will be reviewing her behavior and anything that will float from that,” says NDP leader John Horgan.

“I know she works hard to conduct herself under the scrutiny she receives, she’s an independent officer of the Legislature though so i will leave it to her to answer those questions,” says Premier Christy Clark.

In August last year, taxpayers covered the $5,500 tab for her husband to accompany her to South Africa. She later apologized and paid the money back.

She has also come under fire for spending almost $50,000 for a custom computer in the Speaker’s office.

There is no timeline set for the OPP review.

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