Transit driver rescues kitten from bus wheel well

CALGARY – An unexpected passenger hitched a lift on a Calgary Transit bus in Anderson Wednesday morning.

The bus driver pulled out of the Anderson Garage around 6 A.M. and heard meowing as he was driving towards his route along Sarcee Trail.

He pulled over at 69 Street station and the passengers were transferred to another bus.

After two hours and much help from Transit staff and Animal and Bylaw Services, they pulled a small kitten out from a confined space near the wheel well of the bus.

There’s still no indication when or where the kitten crawled aboard the bus.

“The kitten was pretty scared and there was a lot of meowing at the time but he wasn’t hurt,” says Ron Collins with Calgary Transit.

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The animal is now in the care of the Calgary Humane Society, who giving it a thorough veterinary inspection.

The driver of the bus now has plans to adopt the kitten.

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