Kenora resident raises major cash for cancer research

KENORA – Ferg Devins is living proof that one person really can make a difference.

The Kenora resident was diagnosed with bladder cancer earlier this year and has since undergone two surgeries.

“You hear the word cancer and you feel your whole world is crashing down around you,” Devins said.

However Devins didn’t let that fear stop him. Instead, he used it as motivation to make a difference to a cause that has become very personal to him. After finding out that Kenora didn’t have a Bladder Cancer Walk, he decided to start his own.

“I asked if we could have one in Kenora, and they said if we can raise $5,000, we can have one in Kenora. We took on the challenge,” Devins said.

Not only did Devins almost double his goal overnight through reaching out to work contacts over email, but he raised almost $43,000 for the cause. With the donations the community gathered, the walk in Kenora on Sunday ended up raising more than $50,000 total.

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“I was sweating bullets on Sunday standing in front of 100 people supporting us for the walk. It was really gratifying, very humbling.”

Devins is now hoping turn the Bladder Cancer Walk into an annual event in the community.

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