Mediations efforts between IKEA and Richmond employees are over

Mediations efforts between IKEA and Richmond employees are over - image

UPDATE: Mediation efforts between IKEA and workers at its Richmond location are over because the two sides are too far apart for the process to work. The main issues in the labour dispute include wages, benefits, and workers who crossed the picket lines.

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Veteran mediator Vince Ready, who was pivotal in securing a new contract for B.C.’s public school teachers, is now being called into another contentious labour dispute.

Both sides in a contract fight at IKEA’s Richmond location have agreed to have him oversee negotiations.

They are scheduled to meet tomorrow and Wednesday.

During the teachers’dispute, Ready was touted as a ‘miracle man,’ who was able to bring BC Teachers’ Federation and government closer to a deal. A deal was finally reached last week in a marathon negotiation session, after which Ready took off on an early morning flight to Toronto to mediate yet another dispute.

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Unionized workers have been off the job for more than a year, as they battle over wages and benefits.

Three hundred members of Teamsters Local 213 walked off the job in mid-May 2013.

It’s believed 35 of them broke ranks and returned to work early on in the process.

Mediation was tried a year ago, but was not successful.

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