Snowstorm cleanup enters new phase

WATCH ABOVE- If you still have a pile of branches in your yard, you may be eligible for curbside service. This weekend crews are cleaning up some of Calgary’s hardest hit communities. As Tracy Nagai reports, the city is now in a race against time.

CALGARY- The city ramped up cleanup efforts following this month’s devastating snowstorm.

An option for curbside service is now available for Calgary’s hardest hit communities.

Nico Bernard of Parks Tactical Operations Centre says crews are trying to do at least one sweep before the snow hits.

“Typically the roads crews get ready for October 15th. We’ll get it done for that date,” Bernard said. “We’re in Lake Bonavista, we’re in Bridgeland, we’ve a got a few in the Centre city. We’re trying to get to Renfrew and Crescent heights.”

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Tree debris can be placed on boulevards, curbsides or back lanes.

“Stack the tree debris neatly, as close as possible to the property, without impeding the sidewalks roads or pathways,” Bernard said.

The collected tree debris has surpassed $6 million kilograms, that’s one football field stacked three metres high.

Calgarians are asked to give these workers some room and move your vehicle if you see them on your block.

When the snow first hit the city waived fees and extended hours at all three landfills, and allowed people to drop off their branches at 33 leaf and pumpkin locations. So far, millions of kilograms of debris have been collected and there’s still more to pick up.

The city is still warning Calgarians to be cautious around storm-damaged trees. Friday afternoon, it was quite windy and not all parks and pathways have been assessed; officials are concerned that some of the already-damaged branches could fall and hit someone.


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