Mother of 2 ordered deported back to Mexico

An immigration judge has decided a Mexican woman who has been living in Montreal must leave, but the fate of her two Canadian born children is still unknown.

Paola Ortiz claims she fled to Monreal after she was assaulted by a police officer in her home country. Monday, she made a final attempt to stay her deportation.

“Based on the children, based on her psychiatric condition, based on principles on this country that we’re against violence against women,” explained Ortiz’s lawyer Stewart Istvanffy.

“If I have to leave the country I will have to leave my 2 children here,” she told reporters in French.

To make matters worse, both her children have been diagnosed with disabilities. One has trouble hearing, the other is autistic and she is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

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“These kids need their mom and none of that was taken into consideration,” says Rosalind Wong of the immigrant support group Solidarity Across Borders, which came out to help fight for Ortiz, “even though the best interest of children is part of our refugee law.”

Oritz says she came here to escape an abusive and sadistic spouse. A spouse who also happened to be a federal Mexican police officer.

“I can’t go back,” she says in french, “I’ve been hiding from him for years, I know he would find me and try to kill me.”

When she arrived here in 2005 she claimed asylum. She was eventually refused refugee status.
This is her 4th scheduled deportation since 2008.

Her lawyer, Istvanffy, insists Ortiz should be allowed to stay in Canada, a country that is supposed to stand for human rights.

“Canada is pretending there is protection for women in Mexico, when all the evidence is there’s no protection at all.”

Paola Ortiz must report Trudeau airport first thing tomorrow morning. She still hasn’t decided if her children will stay with her family or return to Mexico with her.