WATCH: Rats overrun east Vancouver community garden

Community gardens are popular in Vancouver, with more than 75 across the city. However, rodents have taken over a kids park at East 12th Avenue and Commercial Drive and residents are blaming the adjacent community garden.

Area residents say the rats are spilling into nearby yards as well.

“I was videotaping the rats and as it got dark, rats started shooting out back-and-forth. My daughter was freaked out,” says nearby resident Bruce Causier

The City of Vancouver says they have been liaising with the garden coordinator, who has put up signs asking people not to feed the birds, and to clean up old and spoiled vegetables.

An exterminator has also been hired and a guard will be on-site to ensure no one else spreads bird seed at the garden.

City officials say they received 81 complaints about rats in 2013, and 84 so far this year. They add that most complaints are received in the summertime when rat activity is reported more often due to people being outdoors more.

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Officials say that if residents have concerns about rats in their neighbourhood, or in their rental property, they can contact 3-1-1 to register a complaint.

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