WATCH: Parents rally against teachers’ union, while others rally in support

VANCOUVER — They’re facing yet another week without classes, and B.C. parents are fed up with the situation.

Yesterday, Education Minister Peter Fassbender rejected the B.C. Teachers’ Federation’s proposal to enter binding arbitration.

The failure of progress between the two sides is only infuriating parents and students caught in the middle of the dispute.

Dozens of families met outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery today, directing their anger directly at the BCTF.

“We think they’re asking for too much,” one parent told Global News.

Some teachers braved the crowds to defend their position. “I’m surprised that they’re saying BCTF, shame on BCTF when teachers are 100 per cent behind wanting children to go back to school, 100 per cent behind wanting to negotiate,” a teacher told Global News. 

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Other families rallied in Surrey in support of the teachers, expressing their disappointment in Fassbender for rejecting the proposal for binding arbitration.