Alleged Laval groper behind bars

LAVAL — A 26-year-old alleged groper is behind bars in Laval.

Dave Charest is accused of running up to at least two women, grabbing their breasts and buttocks and then running off.

He’s facing two counts of sexual assault and will remain in jail until his next court appearance on Monday.

“It’s definitely shocking but I’m glad he got caught,” Stephanie Audet said as she waited for a Laval city bus on the intersection of Ste-Rose Boulevard and Bellemare Street.

Laval police say the first victim was groped at the same intersection.

Charest allegedly tried to grab another woman a few blocks away.

There are four potential victims, but — so far — only two have been identified. Laval police spokesperson Franko Di Genova says the fast thinking of the first victim of watching the suspect get into a car is what led to Charest’s arrest.

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“She took down the licence plate number, calls 911 and gives the plate number. Within minutes we have the address, the owner of the car. A patrol car sent to the address. He was identified. He was put under arrest,” Di Genova said.

Ste-Rose Boulevard is a busy East-West street in Laval commonly used by cyclists, joggers and walkers.

Audet is surprised the suspect is accused of carrying out such a brazen attack in full view.

“There’s a lot of kids, a lot of joggers. A lot of people who takes bike rides and walks,” she said.