September 4, 2014 7:08 pm

Drivers outside Winnipeg confused by school zone speeds

Ashley Carter/Global News

WINNIPEG – Some drivers in communities around Winnipeg are feeling confused now about what to do when they go through a school zone after Winnipeg’s bylaw changed Monday.

“As a mom you just hope people are paying attention,” said concerned parent, Anita Terrick.

Some communities outside Winnipeg are dropping school zone speed limits, some aren’t yet,  and some like the RM of Hanover, that governs five communities, can’t afford it.

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“They’re all concerned about children’s safety, the initial sticker shock is what made them want to put a pause on making a final decision,” said Luc Lahaie, Chief Administrative Officer for RM of Hanover.

With a $16,000 price tag for 145 signs on 70 posts it simply isn’t in their budget for the year.

“It’s going to be littered with signs. We agree it’s for the safety of our kids which is great, however it’s an expensive proposition for municipalities,” said Lahaie.

But parents say the signs would be worth it. “I know it’s a give and take but it’s children’s lives so they’re our priority. Unfortunately sometimes it takes the accident until there’s money for it,” said Terrick.

RM of Hanover council will have another chance to make a decision next week and budget money for this fall.

Selkrik and the RM of Tache will also see reduced school zone speeds on their council’s agenda by the end of September.

And while the reduced speed hasn’t been implemented in Niverville, East St. Paul, or West St. Paul yet they have all voted in favour of it and will see signs pop up in the coming weeks.

Signs Carman, Winkler, and Beausejour already have up creating a patchwork of different rules in different communities around the city.

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