IPE celebrates 4-H

Participants in a 4-H dairy competition at the Interior Pacific Exhibition being judged on showmanship. Jim Lenton / Global News

ARMSTRONG – This year the Interior Provincial Exhibition (IPE) is shining a spotlight on some younger participants and their animals celebrating 100 years of 4-H in British Columbia.

While it’s 4-H animals that are front and center at the fair, the program is also diversifying.

“With the community moving further from farming, 4-H has also evolved to taking on projects other than, say, cows and pigs,” says Hannah Out, the fair’s director of 4-H and junior activities. “They’ve moved on to doing photography projects, small engine projects.”

Many at the fair have taken on traditional animal projects.

“It’s really fun to get to know the animal and to work with him and have something to take care of,” says 16-year-old Brookelyn Koersen of her pig Winston.

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They learn to take care of the animals but also pick up other skills along the way.

“Employers nowadays, they want kids that know how to work and I think that 4-H teaches them that,” says Trudy Schweb with the North Okanagan 4-H Beef Club.

4-H will be holding their swine and lamb auction at the fair on Friday at 6 p.m. at the fair.