August 25, 2014 4:54 pm
Updated: August 25, 2014 4:55 pm

Councillor wears pink to mark the ‘end to Rob Ford’


TORONTO – Kristyn Wong-Tam tried to send voters and the mayor a message Monday during the last city council meeting of Rob Ford’s first term as mayor.

“Pink is the colour of anti-bullying and it’s also one of my favourite colours. I thought it would be very befitting at the end of this particular term of council to signify an end to Rob Ford,” she said.

There were other councillors wearing pink as well, but Wong-Tam didn’t send out a memo – rather, she sent a tweet early Monday morning but doesn’t know if other councillors followed her lead.

Ford laughed at a reporter’s question whether he was offended by the councillors’ outfits and said they can “wear whatever they want.”

“But I look forward to seeing them on October 27 after 8 pm, on October 28 and for the next four years,” he said.

The mayor is currently seeking re-election, hoping to put four years of controversy, including a crack scandal and ongoing police investigation, behind him.

Wong-Tam recalled the mayor’s first day as mayor when hockey commentator Don Cherry gave a rousing speech in a pink suit where he ripped into what he called, the “left-wing pinkos” at council.

“When we first came to city council, at the very first city council meeting, I think there was a tone of divisional politics that was set – you were either with us or against us was the mayor’s sort of comments out there and clearly I’ve not been with mayor Ford,” Wong-Tam said.

“Rob Ford has actually been a distraction to council, he’s delusional about his own self-worth , he’s been wanted by the police for questioning, he barely shows up to city hall to work and when he does show up, he’s a part-time mayor.”

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