WATCH: Incredible video of flash flooding, heavy rains in South Korea

TORONTO – Residents climbed to higher ground and stood atop doorsteps as fast-flowing waters cascaded down hills in Busan, South Korea on Monday.

Women walked through waist-high waters past half-submerged cars on the streets, while cellphone video from inside a car showed the difficulty in navigating through a flooded parking garage.

At least five people were killed and several others missing in the rains, according to disaster officials cited by Yonhap News.

South Korea’s largest news agency said a record rain up to 130 millimetres per hour hit Busan and nearby areas, spurring landslides, suspending rail service and causing a temporary shutdown of a nuclear power plant.

About 80 kilometres from Busan in Changwon, a bus flipped out of control into a flooded stream, said Yonhap. A woman’s body was recovered and at least four other people are missing.


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