August 15, 2014 6:30 pm
Updated: August 15, 2014 6:35 pm

Union says Rob Ford put people ‘at risk’ by publicizing bomb threat


Watch above: Why did Rob Ford talk about the bomb threat? Angie Seth reports. 

TORONTO – The union representing hundreds of workers at city hall is filing a grievance against Mayor Rob Ford for telling the media about a bomb threat Monday.

Tim Maguire, president of CUPE local 79, told reporters at city hall Friday morning the mayor may have put employees at risk by going public with the details of the threat.

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“This crosses the line when people’s health and safety, their state of mind when their trying to deliver services to the people of Toronto is disrupted by irresponsible actions like this,” he said, adding the mayor “put members at risk because then they’re wondering what  to do.”

The union has asked the Ministry of Labour to investigate where policy breakdowns occurred, though he admitted it’s not clear exactly what the mayor is required to do during a bomb threat.

The mayor, flanked by his brother Doug Ford, told city hall reporters Monday they had received a bomb threat demanding the Ford brothers resign or city hall would be blown up.

Police investigated and determined there was no evidence of danger to city hall.

Watch:Rob Ford defends himself against criticisms he shouldn’t have publicized the bomb threat. 

While Maguire announced the union’s grievance Friday morning, the mayor defended himself while talking to reporters at the CNE.

“I take my orders obviously from the police and I did exactly what they said,” the mayor said. “[But] when there’s a bomb threat, you have to let the people know exactly what’s happening in the city.”

A police spokesperson responded that “when officers were asked by their supervisors, their recollection of the conversation differs.”

Police refused to release details of the conversation between the mayor and the investigators.

The mayor suggested to reporters the situation would have been worse if the bomb threat had been real and he hadn’t informed city hall employees.

“It’s unfortunate there are people out there that want to do this but it’s every single call, or email I get is someone threatening, I have to inform the police,” he said.

Monday’s threat wasn’t the only one the mayor received this week. He received another, less detailed threat the next day, police said. The mayor did not however tell anyone about the second threat.

Watch: Rob Ford talks about the bomb threat on Monday. 

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