How a long commute could lead to obesity

CALGARY- Have a long commute? It could mean you’ll have to put in extra time at the gym.

A University of Calgary researcher has found that the more time people spend in their cars, the more likely they are to become overweight or obese.

“Basically driving for more than 30 minutes a day is associated with increased risk of overweight or obesity by about one and a half times,” explains Gavin McCormack. “The research is indicating for the average Canadian, we’re sedentary sitting for about 10 hours a day.”

Inactivity has also been linked to cancer, which is why Alberta Health Services has been pushing to make communities more walkable.

“It starts with the basic design,” says Dr. Brent Friesen from AHS. “If you create a shopping centre or area where the only way people can get to it is to drive, than you automatically put people into their vehicles to go there.”

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Experts suggest getting up and moving around as much as possible, whether it’s a walk over lunch break or cycling home.

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