Man builds giant fart machine, fires it at France

TORONTO – A British inventor built what could be the largest ‘fart machine’ in the world, and fired it at France Thursday night.

Colin Furze assembled a massive pulse jet engine, which was house in a “16-foot-tall ass.” The engine was placed on top of the cliffs of Dover, aimed across the Channel toward France.

Why, might you ask?

“There are reports that in the war people could hear artillery fire from northern France but will the French hear this,” Furze wrote on his YouTube page.

The machine ejects a large fireball, followed by an extremely loud “fart-like” noise.

A similar machine was reportedly used by Nazis to power their V-1 bombs during World War II.

WATCH: Video of the successful test of Furze’s giant fart machine in Dover

Did anyone hear the sound across the Channel?

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“So I can confirm we had 2 people say they heard a faint rumble but as of yet no video that picked it up. Big thanks to everyone that came,” Furze tweeted.

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