Sand angels represent all 75 drowning victims in B.C. last year

It’s National Drowning Prevention Week and the Lifesaving Society hopes to make people think seriously about water safety.

A display of 75 sand angels was set up this morning in English Bay — one angel for every person who drown last year in B.C.

Year to date, 42 people have died due to drowning in B.C.

“Every year between 60 and 80 British Columbians drown in water-related incidents,” says Dale Miller of the Lifesaving Society. “Many think only those who don’t know how to swim are at risk of drowning, but many factors can play a role, such as not wearing a life jacket while boating or combining alcohol consumption with water activities.”

National Drowning Prevention Week is held across Canada in the third week of July – typically the peak period for drownings in Canada.

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