Teen girls charged with assault in Manitoba hockey brawl

A championship game between teams of 13- and 14-year-old players in Stonewall, Man., ended when a brawl broke out and RCMP were called. Global Winnipeg

WINNIPEG – Two teenage girls from Lake Manitoba First Nation have been charged in connection with a brawl during a championship game in Stonewall, Man.

A 14-year-old girl fired a puck at three referees and a 13-year-old hit two referees at the bantam game in March, RCMP allege.

The older girl is charged with assault with a weapon and the other with assault in connection with the violence that ended the championship game between their team and Stonewall. Both teams have male and female players, which is common in rural areas where fewer young people are available to play.

Police had to clear fans from the arena after fights also broke out in the stands, police said at the time.

“I think in the heat of it all, it got out of hand,” one of the Stonewall players said in March. “The ref was on the ground and people were beating on him.”

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The Stonewall team, which was winning the game, was awarded the championship.

Hockey Manitoba suspended the 14-year-old for two months, the 13-year-old for a year and a Lake Manitoba boy for six weeks.

The two girls are scheduled to appear in Stonewall Provincial Court on Sept. 29. They are not being held in custody.

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