Brown water returns to Winnipeg taps; city workers flush lines

Caramel-coloured water runs out of a tap in north Winnipeg on Thursday. Submitted by Jason Rindall / Global News

WINNIPEG — The pesky brown water that plagued much of Winnipeg last summer is back.

Global News viewers have been sending in pictures and videos of the discoloured water that has flowed from their taps lately.

City crews are slowly working on cleaning all the water mains in hopes of reducing the amount of brown water.

There are only two trucks tackling the 2,585 kilometres of water mains that weave through the city.

The crews are working every day until 11 p.m. but got a late start because of frozen pipes.

They need to turn the water off while working, which wasn’t possible while people were running their taps. Instead of starting in early May, crews hit the streets two months later.

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The cleaning program is being rushed and is expected to take two years instead of the usual six.

If you don’t want to wait, All About Water believes it has a permanent solution for brown water.

“It goes in right after your water meter and the water comes from the city then goes through the machine right away,” said Eric Busch, the owner of All About Water. “It is filtered down and goes straight back into the house.”

The system costs around $1600 and can last up to 10 years before needing to be replaced.

Busch says his company has a wait list of people eager to have the filer installed.


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