Marvel defends decision to introduce female Thor

female thor
Marvel's female Thor. Handout

TORONTO — Marvel unveiled a female Thor on Tuesday, leading some fans to hammer away at the company.

The character, with long blonde hair under the Norse helmet, drew the ire of some comic book diehards.

“Seriously? Lady Thor? what the f***, Marvel?!” read one tweet.

Another complained: “I find Marvel’s patronising, ‘We make comics for girls because we guess they don’t like comics starring boys’ attitude quite sickening.”

“I can’t imagine this female Thor from Marvel is anything other than a marketing stunt that will be retconned (sic) within 5 years,” tweeted one.

Someone else opined: “Only amateurs believe major changes to iconic corporate-owned characters are permanent.”

Added another fan: “By Marvel making Thor a woman and not Chris Hemsworth, they’re gonna drive away female audience, not attract it.”

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Marvel is defending its decision, though.

“It’s not about filling a certain quota,” Marvel editor Wil Moss told TIME. “It’s about providing a shot in the arm to the Thor titles definitely, but it’s something that’s a natural part of where this story and the Thor title is going.”

The company stressed that the original Thor is not going away.

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On Twitter, Marvel’s executive editorial director Ryan Penagos took on haters and supporters.

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