Man could face charges after kids left in vehicle


KELOWNA– A Kelowna man faces the possibility of charges after two children were left inside a pick up truck in sweltering afternoon heat.

It was just before 3:30 last Friday afternoon when RCMP responded to a report of children being left in a hot vehicle in the Kelowna Walmart parking lot.

In the 33 degree heat, police removed a five year old boy and a 10 year old boy from inside a Ford pickup truck where it’s believed they had been for almost half an hour.

They were immediately assessed by paramedics.

The driver showed up a short time later, with an 11 year old girl.

He was arrested for leaving the boys in the vehicle.

The youngest boy was returned to his mother who came to the scene.

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The Ministry of Children and Families assisted in returning the two older children to their mother.

The 41 year old Kelowna man faces potential charges of Failing to Provide Necessities of Life.

He’s been released on a Promise to Appear for Court on September 25.

On a 30 degree day it takes less than two minutes for the temperature inside a car to climb over 30 degrees.

Within eight minutes the vehicle temperature can climb to 40 degrees, this is the point at which heatstroke occurs in the body.

At the 15 minute mark it can be as hot as 45 degrees Celsius, pushing a person’s core body temperature to a lethal limit.

Police remind you that if you see a pet or child locked in a vehicle, don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1.