Gardiner repairs months ahead of schedule

TORONTO- At least one phase of the long-term construction taking place on the Gardiner Express Way is ahead of schedule.

The city has announced median repairs west of Jameson Ave. are expected to wrap up in the middle of August, about two months prior to what was expected. Crews are hoping to finish just in time for a major event taking place just off the highway.

“We’d like to get that work completed just before the Exhibition to provide easier flow into the Exhibition,” said Michael D’Andrea- Engineering and Construction Services, city of Toronto.

They say opening an additional lane along the stretch should shed approximately 15 minutes off the rush hour commute for drivers that take that route.

The City cannot specify a completion date because schedules change based on the weather, but The Ex is set to begin on August 15.

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Repairs on the Gardiner are divided into three separate projects. Work on the other two sections is expected to carry on until 2016.

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