July 14, 2014 5:18 pm

WATCH: Timelapse video of car interior overheating in summer


MONTREAL — People may be surprised to discover just how quickly — and how high — temperatures can soar within the interior of a car during a hot, sunny day.

But in reality, the outside temperature doesn’t have to be hot in order for a car to become a death trap.

In the video above, it was only 23°C outside, but within just 10 minutes, the interior of the car went from 24°C to well above 50°C.

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A parked vehicle can become an oven that could literally bake your child or your pet from the inside out.

Heatstroke occurs when a person’s temperature exceeds 40°C.

A core body temperature of 42°C or more can be lethal, as cells are damaged, internal organs begin to shut down and the thermoregulatory mechanism becomes overwhelmed.

Children’s thermoregulatory systems are less efficient and their body temperatures can heat up five times faster than those of adults.

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