July 11, 2014 4:38 pm
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5 hilarious and heartwarming viral videos

Still from Frozen is the new Black.

Only Leigh/YouTube

To help get you into your weekend mode, here are five videos that went viral this week.

4-year old Tyler comes back to school

When comedian Shawn Harris from Atlanta, Georgia posted a video of his son Tyler on Youtube, he never thought it would go viral.

The video shows Tyler coming back to school after a week-long absence.

What happened when the five-year old opened the door is as adorable as you can get.

This is what his father had to say about the video when he posted it on his Facebook page:

Shawn Harris

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Tyler’s popularity has grown so much, he has now his own Facebook page.

Warning: It’s a cuteness overload!

Mr. Fancy Pants

How long does it take you to put your pants on in the morning?

Better yet, can you do it without using your hands?

This guy can — and he posted a video of how he does it in style.

Of course, the internet is full of monkey-see monkey dos.

Here’s another video of people trying out the epic feat.

Frozen is the new black

Are you a fan of Orange is The New Black and Disney’s Frozen?

How about combining your two passions into one? As random as it sounds, Youtube user Only Leigh created a trailer for an animated parody of Netflix’s show.

She calls it “Frozen is the New Black.”

Here, Anna, princess of Arandelle (from Frozen) goes to princess prison and shares time with her inmates, fellow Disney princesses.

Georges the dog shows how big of a World Cup fan he is

It looks like someone is warming up for penalties!

Georges’ love for sports is clear in this video.

His owner said “he will watch the games for hours and doesn’t care who wins or loses, as long as he can watch them play.”

I’d say he’s ready for subbing at the Germany-Argentina World Cup final.

What do you think?

This North Carolina man has a special message for parents

He’s big, he’s sweaty and he’s a bit angry. After this week’s stories about kids, cars and heat, can you blame him?





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