July 10, 2014 6:20 pm
Updated: July 10, 2014 8:37 pm

Huge tire crashes through 3 yards, narrowly missing baby


CALGARY- Some families living near Stoney Trail in northeast Calgary are left shaken, after a huge tire crashed through their yards.

“We were on our way downstairs, and we hear ‘crash crash crash,’” remembers Dwayne Willis, who lives in Coventry Hills. “This semi tire, it came through this fence, then their fence, then our fence, broke the trampoline and crushed their playhouse.

“It’s a good thing the kids weren’t out here.”

It only took the tire a few seconds to tear through the three yards, destroying fences before hitting an iron gate and coming to a stop. Residents were in their backyards at the time, including a mother with her baby.

It’s believed the tire flew off a semi travelling down Stoney Trail, and those who live in the area say more needs to be done to protect their property.

“There’s just this little fence, we’d like to see a concrete barrier or something built,” says Reid Stegemann. “I’m just concerned about safety.”

Calgary Police were called, and needed help to haul the tire away. However, they say that unless they track down the vehicle, there’s not much they can do.


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