Fort Macleod resident questions town on drainage and sewage issues

LETHBRIDGE- Randy O’Sullivan has been dealing with flooding in his home and yard for 13 years.

He lives on property that used to be a river stream, but said the town of Fort Macleod decided to remove the water making way for residents to build property in the area.

“The town has done all of this stuff, as far as I’m concerned, unlawfully and with negligence. The have no drainage plan for the developments they have down here.”

Drainage is not O’Sullivan’s only issue. He said the town also has septic tanks near his home, causing sewage water flow to make its way inside causing unsanitary living conditions.

“I cannot have a shower. I cannot use my bathroom facilities. It smells in there. I’ve got rid of some pets because I have no basement anymore, and it’s just, it’s just like not being at home.”

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O’Sullivan doesn’t want to sell his property, but wants the town to do something about the issue.

“What they’ve caused me and my family is ridculous. I have been in Fort Macleod all my life and what they continue to do and continue to deny is unreal,” he said

In a statement to Global News, the town says it will not be commenting at this time due to legal action O’Sullivan’s has taken against them.

“Council was first made aware of Randy O’Sullivans drainage concerns by email from a fellow Councillor early last week.  Since legal action has been taken against the town and because we have yet not been able to review the file, council is not able to make any comments on this situation at this time.  We appreciate the concerns raised by any citizen and will do our best to respond appropriately.

-Fort Macleod Town Council.”