Vintage war plane on display in Airdrie

CALGARY- Airplane enthusiasts are flocking to Airdrie this week, to get a peek at a vintage B-25 bomber.

Maid in the Shade was used in World War II, serving in Corsica just off the Italian coast.

“It went out in a formation of four one day, and this is the only one that came back,” remembers Bob Taylor from Commemorative Air Force. “There was a possibility that you never came back if you went out on a mission.”

The B-25s—a mid-range bomber—were feared by enemy forces.

Maid in the Shade is a vintage B-25.
Maid in the Shade is a vintage B-25. Doug Vaessen/Global News
Alex Frame in front of a B-25 bomber. Brad Gowan, Global News

“It’s quite fast, almost as fast as a fighter jet, whereas the B-17 was slow,” Spike McLane explains. “It was a very specialized aircraft.”

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Less than 50 B-25s are still in operation. Maid in the Shade took 28 years to restore, and is now on display in Airdrie in partnership with the Airdrie Regional Airshow. People are also invited to book a flight, though seating is limited.