July 1, 2014 5:54 pm

Who is lighting up the night sky?

Tim Burgess places a firework at Henderson Lake


LETHBRIDGE- Putting on a fireworks display involves a lot more than just lighting a fuse.

Planning for the Canada Day fireworks at Henderson Lake started back in May.

The 20 minute long show is designed and planned by Sky Art Fireworks based out of Edmonton.

The set-up process takes hours, involving wire and fuses that all run together to light up the night sky.

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“There is over 500 shells, and then there is almost 100 cakes,” says Tim Burgess with Sky Art Fireworks. “Cakes are squares of tubes that are chained together, there might be a hundred shots in one of them.”

Burgess and his wife Debra have been in the business since the 90’s, carrying on a family legacy.

“My father passed away in 1999 and I sort of got involved then, before that my brother was involved,” adds Debra.

The company name is a constant reminder of the hard work the founder of the company put in.

“It’s called Sky Art, and their dads’ name was Art so it kind of ties in that way,” says Tim.

The fireworks industry has come a long way thanks to technology.  Once everything is in its place, it’s as simple as a flick of a switch.

“The design is all done by computer, the timing of it and everything. Then we have a wireless firing system so basically I pull the trigger and it runs through the whole show by its self,” adds Tim.

In true firework fashion, Sky Arts is saving the best for last. There will be a ten inch shell and an eight inch shell fired during the grand finale at Henderson Lake. The final colors will be a fitting red and white.

“We have 150 some odd shells go off in the last 30 seconds, so there is lots of shells in the show,” adds Tim.

Even though the finale is the highlight for onlookers, it’s just moments after the last bang that makes it all worthwhile for those behind the scenes.

“When it’s over, when the crowed cheers. That’s my most favorite part, to listen to them in the background. It makes every single minute we have worked on it, worth it,” adds Debra.

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