June 26, 2014 8:11 pm

Rainfall plagues Regina’s outdoor businesses


REGINA – We’re midway through the first week of summer, but many people are puzzled as to why it doesn’t feel like a new season.

According to Natalie Hassel, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, we are experiencing a lot more rain in June than the annual average.

“In a typical June you would see 66 or so millimeters. That’s rain, showers, or thunderstorms. This year we look like we’re closer to 82 or 83, so that’s a third more than you would see on a typical year.”

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The seemingly constant downpour is also affecting road construction projects throughout Regina.

Les Malawski is the director of transportation services for the City of Regina, and said Thursday roughly 10 projects have been delayed anywhere from three days, to two weeks.

“Everything has a domino effect and affects the next stage,” he explained. “So if the first crew is delayed, then the concrete next in line is delayed as well.”

The recent wet weather is also leaving many outdoor businesses drowning in misery.

Brandon McGillivray, the foreman at Cherry Lane Landscaping, said a lot of lawn care equipment just can’t function in the rain.

“The weather’s just been killing us to be honest,” he said. “It just makes everything really tough to do and you’re pretty much working in circles when you are working around mud.”

Recreational sports are also taking a hit from the damp weather.

Jeffrey Zerr, the communications coordinator with the Regina Soccer Association, explained that most grass fields can’t be played on after a downpour for safety reasons and to protect the field.

“Every year in the outdoor season we anticipate that some games are going to be cancelled, but unfortunately this year with the rain it has been more than usual.”

The hope is that warmer, drier weather is on the horizon, but unfortunately that may just be wishful thinking.

“I don’t think we have a tool to tell us what to expect for the season except to expect the variability to continue,” Hassel said regarding the long term summer forecast.

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