Watch: SFU professors read ‘mean’ student reviews, Jimmy Kimmel style

YouTube, The Peak

Jimmy Kimmel’s celebrities reading mean Tweets about themselves┬áis a viral hit on the Internet, but a video of Simon Fraser University professors reading their not-so-glaring student reviews is also getting some popularity online.

The video was posted last night and already has more than 25,000 views on YouTube.

Watch: Professors Read Mean Reviews About Themselves

It was shot by editors of SFU’s student newspaper The Peak.

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Multimedia editor Brandon Hillier says they put out about 40 calls but only got 10 professors who agreed to play along.

“We kind of looked around, realized no one has done it and thought it would be a clever idea,” says Hillier. “We wanted to create a humorous video that would allow professors to showcase their funny side to the students that they would not ordinary be able to share in the lecture halls.”

He says the professors who did not turn them down were very open to the idea.

“They were very ok with engaging in a bit of humiliating humour, so to speak.”

For the record, all student reviews are real and come from website, popular with post-secondary students looking to find out how their professors rank against others.


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