Man’s motorcycle held hostage by feuding moving companies

David Strapp is stuck in the middle of a battle between two transportation companies and as a result, his $15,000 motorcycle is being held hostage in a Delta, B.C. warehouse.

Strapp, of Hinton, Alberta, bought a 2010 Harley Davidson PLH Police model in Spring, 2014. He hired Brampton, Ontariobased J&J Moving to transport the bike across the country at a cost of $675in April.

Strapp paid the bill in full, but still doesn’t have the Harley.

“It is flat out criminal, I wish the cops thought that,” Strapp said, referring to the complaint he filed with the RCMP detachment in Hinton. “They came back out and told me that there is absolutely nothing they could or would do because it is a civil case and they just said good luck.”

After J&J Moving took Strapp’s money, they approached a broker to find another company to transport Strapp’s motorbike. That company was Nexzen Transport Inc, also of Bramtpon. In turn, Nexzen engaged STI Transport Inc. of Delta, B.C. to move the motorcycle.

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But after picking up the shipment, STI didn’t deliver the motorcycle. Nexzen Transport says STI is holding the motorcycle in its B.C. warehouse claiming that J&J Moving owes it more than $10,000 for unrelated shipping.

“I feel bad for Dave, it’s not fair what happened to him,” said a man named Stan, who identified himself at Nexzen’s general manager. He refused an on-camera interview request. He went on to say STI Transport’s boss, a man named Mack, wasn’t changing his mind.

“He’s got it and he’s playing tough on this one” Stan said adding there was nothing he could do on Strapp’s behalf with STI.

“The bottom line is Mack is playing hardball and Mack is saying I’m not giving this s*** up.”

Reached by Global News, Mack said “J&J moving is responsible for this freight.”

Asked if he was going to hang on to the motorcycle until other bills were paid, he said “that’s right.”

Ian Johnson, who runs J&J Moving, said: “our intention was to help Dave get his bike.”

A call to Peel Police by Global News was not returned. Strapp plans to file a formal complaint in Ontario.

Strapp says he called Global News in Toronto out of frustration with the lack of response by law enforcement and the transportation companies involved.

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“I just want my motorcycle,” Strapp said.

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