World Cup tournament proving big for businesses

WATCH: Vancouver might have a reputation as a rabid hockey town, but right now it’s all about soccer. And as Jeremy Hunka reports, many fans are in a major spending mood.

VANCOUVER – Soccer fans are not the only ones cheering the World Cup action.

Restaurants and bars say sales are up across the city by up to 30 per cent because of the tournament happening right now.

At London Pub on Main Street, the England vs. Uruguay game on Thursday brought in revenues up to 20 times higher than average.

Retailers are also seeing the surge. Sales at Vancity Sports are double the average as businesses take advantage of World Cup fever.

“It is surprising because the last few World Cups have been on the quiet side,” said John Szvelka from Vancity Sports. ‘This has caught a lot of people off-guard, even the suppliers.”

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Everyone just hopes this level of interest continues.

“It sort of snuck up on us and it’s been fantastic,” said Ian Tostenson from the BC Restaurant Association. “We’re hearing from a lot of the restaurants that are downtown, about a 30 per cent increase every single day that soccer is on.”