Ontario Election: Is Trinity-Spadina in for another nail-biter?

WATCH ABOVE: Jennifer Palisoc reports on how candidates in the riding of Trinity-Spadina are reaching out to voters.

TORONTO – Trinity-Spadina’s 2011 provincial election was heart-stoppingly close: New Democrat Rosario Marchese, who’s been Trinity-Spadina’s MPP for almost a quarter-century, edged out failed (and now repeat) mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson, running for the Liberals, by a mere 1,139 votes.

“It’s highly competitive in this riding, it’s highly dynamic this riding that has high expectations of its members,” Marchese said. “We have hundreds of volunteers many who are in the campaign office telephoning, may knocking on doors, some distributing literature.”

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Liberal candidate Han Dong, a former adviser to the province’s immigration minister, is also running on all cylinders as they approach the end of the campaign.

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“We’re very busy and we’re very excited as well so you have that extra kick of energy of seeing the finish line,” Dong said.

PC candidate Roberta Scott turned down an interview request; her campaign manager said it’s too close to the election.

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Green party candidate Tim Grant says keeping the election dates straight – there’s a federal byelection looming at the end of the month, and a municipal election Oct. 27 – has been tricky with some voters.

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“I think there’s huge confusion here,” he said. “We’ve had to work pretty hard to remind people. I’m handing out cards saying, ‘Here’s the date of the provincial election.’”

But Grant thinks his campaign has so been a success so far.

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“This is a big campaign for us: We have over 1,000 signs out, the response has been fantastic.”

While most Trinity-Spadina polls close at 9 p.m. Thursday, the following are open until 9:30: Fly Condominium, Lumiere Condominium and Leonardo Court.

*With files from Jennifer Palisoc

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