June 12, 2014 4:56 pm
Updated: June 12, 2014 8:44 pm

Rounding glitch at Calgary Co-op stores costs customers


CALGARY- Some Calgary Co-op customers are complaining about a computer glitch that’s ended up costing them money.

When the government phased out the penny in February 2013, merchants began rounding to the nearest nickel. However, that change hasn’t gone into effect at the self checkouts in Co-op stores.

Kevin Leard recently bought a Pepsi for $2.62, and expected $0.15 change after paying $2.75. Instead, he only got a dime back.

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“It all adds up,” he complains. “The difference in cash is not really going to change my life, but certainly the Co-op store is profiting at all their customers’ expense.

“I think the extra few cents on everybody, it would add up to a good profit for the Co-op stores.”

The company says it has posted signs asking customers to see an attendant if there are rounding issues, but at stores that Global News checked only half the checkouts had them. Co-op adds that their IT department is waiting for software required to reprogram the computers.

Leard says he’s more upset about the the principle of the matter than the money.

“I thought we were all on the same page…and had the expectation their tills would be in order and we’d be treated the same across the board.”

A spokesperson for Calgary Co-op says they keep track of all cash purchases that are rounded up, and the extra money is donated to the Calgary Foundation.

“At the end of the day, we are a small retailer and we are working as quickly as possible to try to upgrade the software,” explains Karen Allan. “We have run into a few issues along the way, but as we resolve those issues we hope to roll it out hopefully in the next few weeks.”

Rounding is not mandatory for retailers, and the government says they are suggested, voluntary guidelines.

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