Charges laid against Yaletown shooting suspect

WATCH: John Daly reports on how the victim, Paul Dragan, is doing one day after the shooting.

Attempted murder charges have been laid against the suspect in a brazen daylight shootout in Yaletown Tuesday.

The 61-year-old suspect, who has now been identified by police as Gerald Mark Battersby, has been charged with six counts of attempted murder, one for the attempted murder of a 52-year-old man and five counts of attempted murder in relation to police officers involved.

Vancouver police say the suspect is the former employee of the victim, who has been identified by Global News reporter John Daly as the owner of Reckless Cycles, 52-year-old Paul Dragan.

Dragan remains in hospital in stable but critical condition.

WATCH: VPD Acting Chief  Doug LePard updates the public on yesterday’s shooting in Yaletown, including charges laid against 61-year-old suspect Gerald Battersby.

He was shot in front of the Starbucks on Davie Street and Marinaside Crescent shortly after 11 a.m.

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There were two on-duty plainclothes officers near the coffee shop at the time. They engaged with the shooter right away. Two others arrived within seconds.

The man fled on a bike along the seawall and was pursued by the officers.

Dozens of officers flooded the area, and a second exchange of gun fire occurred with the suspect just outside Science World.

The suspect was shot multiple times and one police officer received minor injuries from flying glass when the window of her police car was shot out.

“It was a very determined shooter, who was focused not only on allegedly killing the victim, but also killing police officers,” says VPD Acting Chief Officer Doug LePard. “It was someone who was clearly bent on killing people.”

WATCH: Dramatic footage of Yaletown shooting

Battersby was taken to hospital, where he remains in custody and under guard.

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He has what Vancouver police call “dated” history with them.

“He is not a known criminal to us. He does not have an extensive criminal history. There’s been some interaction, most of it quite a few years ago,” says LePard.

They are looking into the possibility mental health issues played a role in the incident.

“It is absolutely extraordinary. I have been a police officer for over 33 years. I have never seen anything like this happen in Vancouver,” says LePard.

“Knowing the circumstances and having seen the video, I am in awe of the professionalism and courage that out officers displayed, who literally were running into danger.”

Despite the violence,  LePard says the neighbourhood is a safe area, and he does not expect a similar incident to take place “for another generation.”

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Investigators have spoken to more than 100 witnesses and gathered surveillance video from the area.

LePard says they obtained a video that provides them with compelling evidence of what exactly occurred.

Anyone who may have photo or video evidence from either of the scenes is asked to contact the VPD Major Crime Section at (604) 717-2541 or by e-mail at

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Vancouver police are also asking anyone who knows the suspect’s current address to contact them.

WATCH: Tanya Beja reports on how the residents of Yaletown are dealing with the brazen daylight shooting: