Edmonton’s food truck scene sizzles

Watch above: Edmontonians are looking for quick culinary cuisine, and they’ve got lots of options as the local food truck scene is attracting more attention. Laurel Gregory reports.

EDMONTON – The food truck scene is blossoming in Alberta’s capital city. This season has seen at least six more trucks than last year.

As of May 23 this year, 22 food trucks have either applied for a permit or are already in operation.

There were 16 food truck permits handed out in 2013 and 26 in 2012.

“There’s a lot of foodies in Edmonton, a lot,” said Laverna Hogan.

Last month, Hogan traded retirement for a food truck, introducing the Perogy Princess. Now, on a busy day, she serves up to 150 customers downtown.

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“I thought if I could corner this, and be the first one out there to do it, I might have a fighting chance. And it’s been more than I thought it would be. It’s going really well,” she said.

“I want to thank Edmonton. Honest to God, I never thought it would take off the way it has.”

The city has seen interest in the industry increase recently.

“There is sex appeal,” said Maria Stopainig, with the city’s sustainable development department.

“We are seeing an increase for sure… and one of the things that brings vibrancy and traffic in the inner city.”

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Are Edmontonians hungry enough to sustain all the mobile eating options?

“It’s crazy right now downtown,” said Meredith Stadnyk, one of the more than 40 people lined up at Drift Food Truck on Friday at noon.

“Everybody wants to be outside. They want to take advantage of a delicious meal. They’re usually pretty affordable too, and they’re great for events – they’re mobile!”

“They seem to be all the rage right now,” she added.

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Doug Domily feels certain TV shows have boosted interest in mobile cuisine.

“Probably the popularity of the Food Network, series like Eat Street… People saw various trucks on that program and that just generated interest.”

For Tim Redekopp, it’s the variety that wets his appetite.

“Just something different… you can go and try different things.”

For the 2014 season, the city has handed out 110 permits for all types of vending businesses, including food trucks, hot dog stands, and ice cream trucks.

As food trucks have cropped up in the city, so have ways to keep tabs of them.

All local food trucks are on Twitter, and there are apps that keep track of trucks’ hours, locations, and daily specials.

You can download Street Food app here.

Edmonton Food Trucks:

Afterbite Mobile Kitchen

–          On the menu: Unique spins on favourite dishes

–          On the phone: (780) 222-7426

–          On Twitter: @AfterbiteMobile  

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Attila the HUNgry

–          On the menu: Classic foods with an ‘Asian flavour invasion’

–          On the phone: (780) 297-5757

–          On Twitter: @AttilaTheHUNgry  

Battista’s Calzone Co.

–          On the menu: calzones

–          On the phone: (780) 758-1808

–          On Twitter: @calzonemobile   

Between Two Buns

–          On the menu: Homemade sandwiches, burgers, potato chips

–          On the phone: (780) 908-1649

–          On Twitter: @bunstwo  

Big City Sandwich

–          On the menu: Delicious, hot, gourmet sandwiches

–          On the phone: (780) 691-1081

–          On Twitter: @bigcitysandwich  

Bully Food Truck

–          On the menu: Unique, homemade flavours and fresh, local ingredients

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–          On the phone: (780)695-9292

–          On Twitter: @BullyTruck  

Carnival Cravings

–          On the menu: Favourite carnival treats like mini donuts, hot pretzels

–          On Twitter: @CarnivalCraving  


–          On the menu: Authentic Mexican street food

–          On Twitter: @Casa12doce 

The Crooked Fork

–          On the menu: Creative cooks on wheels serving great eats

–          On the phone: (780) 885-4062

–          On Twitter: @thecrookedfork  

Dedo’s Food Truck

–          On the menu: Variety of ‘ethnic, homemade food’ with fresh AAA beef

–          On the phone: (587) 938-4090

–          On Twitter: @dedosfoodtruck 


–          On the menu: Global flavours, local producers, good sandwiches

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–          On the phone: (780) 966-7328

–          On Twitter: @driftfoodtruck 

Eva Sweet Waffles

–          On the menu: Delicious, Liege waffles

–          On the phone: (780) 710-1887

–          On Twitter: @evasweetwaffles   


–          On the menu: Chicken adobo, Ginataang Manok, fili-chili

–          On Twitter: @Filistix  

The Food Fighter

–          On the menu: veal, chicken, eggplant parmigiano sandwiches

–          On Twitter: @tff_foodtruck

Knosh Catering

–          On the menu: Pub grub with a twist

–          On the phone: (780) 292-6467

–          On Twitter: @knoshcatering

Incredible Edibles

–          On the menu: poutine, Alberta beef sandwiches, Philly cheeseteak

–          On the phone: (780) 982-9301

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–          On Twitter: @IncredEdibles

The Lemon Grass Grill

–          On the menu: Authentic Vietnamese eats

–          On the phone: (780) 278-7798

–          On Twitter: @L8MNGrassGrill 

Little Village

–          On the menu: Freewheelin’ Greek eatery

–          On the phone: (780) 719-6424

–          On Twitter: @littlevillageFT

The Local Omnivore

–          On the menu: Fried Egg sandwiches, Inside Out Grill Cheese

–          On the phone: (780) 932-7263

–          On Twitter: @local_omnivore

Molly’s Eats

–          On the menu: Gourmet food truck

–          On the phone: (780)220-0659

–          On Twitter: @MollysEats

Native Delights

–          On the menu:  Aboriginal cuisine

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–          On the phone: (780) 217-0039

–          On Twitter:  @NativeDelights

Nhon Hoa Sandwich Bar

–          On the menu: authentic Vietnamese subs

–          On the phone: (780) 425-0932

–          On Twitter: @nhonhoavietsub


–          On the menu: Fusion taco focus with international flavour

–          On the phone: (780) 554-7810

–          On Twitter: @orbitfoodtruck

The Patty Wagon

–          On the menu: Gourmet burgers

–          On the phone: (587) 523-8492

–          On Twitter: @PattyWagonEd

Perogy Princess Food Truck in downtown Edmonton, May 23, 2014. Laurel Gregory, Global News

Perogy Princess

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–          On the menu: authentic Ukrainian food with a twist

–          On the phone: (780)945-1111

–          On Twitter: @perogytruck 

La Poutine

–          On the menu: Authentic, Quebec-style poutine

–          On the phone: (780) 757-7222

–          On Twitter: @La_Poutine_

Quick Meal

–          On the menu: Mediterranean food, donair, kebabs

–          On Twitter: @edmquickmeal

Sailin’ On

–          On the menu:  Edmonton’s first vegan food truck

–          On Twitter:  @sailinon780

Smokehouse BBQ

–          On the menu: Serving real, southern BBQ

–          On the phone: (780)986-2010

–          On Twitter: @Smokehousebb

SoCal Smoothies

–          On the menu: Edmonton’s only Smoothie truck

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–          On the phone: (780) 901-9925

–          On Twitter: @Socalsmoothies

Street Eats

–          On the menu: Bringing comfort food to Edmonton streets

–          On the phone: (780) 951-9033

–          On Twitter: @streeteatsEDM


–          On the menu: Fresh baked bread + artisan charcuterie = killer sandwiches

–          On the phone: (780)233-3359

–          On Twitter: @swichfood

Truckin Good Eatz

–          On the menu: Specializes in BBQ Beef on a Bun & BBQ Ribs

–          On the phone: (780) 990-7244

–          On Twitter: @truckingoodeatz

Yellowbird Café Truck

–          On the menu: Sandwiches, hot dogs, soups & more

–           On Twitter: @ybcafetruck

 Did we miss one? If you think we did, click on the ‘report an error’ button at the end of the article, and send us a message.

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What the Truck?! is a local group that celebrates food truck culture in Edmonton and organizes food truck events.

The first event of the season will take place on 104 Street north of Jasper Avenue, on Saturday, May 24 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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For more information on vending permits and the bylaws affecting food trucks, click here. 

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