May 22, 2014 6:30 pm
Updated: May 22, 2014 8:45 pm

Cyber attack highlights importance of strong passwords


CALGARY- A recent cyber attack targetting eBay has highlighted the importance of password security.

While most internet users know they should change passwords regularly, few do—which is exactly what hackers count on.

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“The trouble is that passwords really don’t do very much protection these days,” says Dr. David Skillicorn from Queens University. “It’s becoming far too easy to rent a bit of computer time and crank through all possible passwords until you get one that matches.”

Security experts add that too many people are using simple words or numbers which are easy to guess.

“The reason that’s dangerous is when a data breach like this occurs, the site that was hit is not the only site that could be compromised that might have your personal data or your financial data,” explains Stanley Holditch. “Try to vary your passwords.”

Those who have an eBay account that was hacked are urged to watch for unusual banking activity, as they could start getting calls and e-mails from spammers trying to get more information.

Tips for creating a strong password:

  • Change your password frequently and make it stronger after every change
  • Use a different password for every account
  • Use letters, numbers, and symbols
  • The longer a password is unchanged, the more likely it will be discovered



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